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An armed attack on two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 50 Muslims, once again portrayed the ugly face of terrorism and unjustified violence in the world. This horrific action has shown how alienation, hatred, ideological dispersion, anti-immigration and racism views flare up brutality and atrocities within unbalanced individuals with a personality crisis.

This unfortunate incident highlights again the fact that terrorism is not limited to a particular religion, nation, beliefs and race, and there needs to be a comprehensive measures to extreme it while avoiding discriminatory practices and dual standards.

Terrorism in all its form must be condemned. Islamophobia is a false reaction to the extremist and jihadi Islamists, as shown by this incident that can be misused by extremist Islamists to frame "counter-terrorism" as waging a "religious war."

The Union for Secular Republic and Human rights in Iran, while condemning this crime and the need to deal with those who perpetuated it within the framework of the fair trial, expresses its sympathy with the families of the deceased.

March 20, 2019