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The rise of political and social protests in Iran, the incompetence of the government to confront and solve the issues, coupled with the negative outcomes of the US government's unilateral sanctions on Iran’s bankrupt economy, has given rise to the activities of the opposition to the theocratic system. Meantime, secular republicans who believe in the separation of religion and state and the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its ad hoc conventions endeavor to turn existing threats into opportunities and to facilitate and expedite the conditions for a peaceful transition from the Islamic Republic to democracy.

The secular republic is not just a political name or political form, but a strategic political goal to build a future system of governance. As a result, the republicans focus on strengthening the customary republic and explaining its distinctions versus "inheritance" and "jurisprudence" models.

We believe those seeking the return of monarchical system, “populism of the right,” and “radical nationalism” are fixated on a mirage.  It is clear that resorting to the violence and assassination of personality in social networks and the attempt to create a "savior" from Reza Pahlavi's position are neither comparable to the symbolic role of the constitutional shah, nor within the framework of the principles of democracy.

We reiterate the rejection of creating alternatives by foreign powers and believe in the opposition's reliance on political developments in the country. The groups and individuals who have been supporting the extremist administration of Donald Trump and have invested in the confrontational policies of the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia or the expansion of sanctions as a political opportunity have put the country and the people at risk, whether willingly or unwillingly.

While seeking political and moral support from international community will benefit the long term health of democracy in Iran, we unequivocally condemn the inorganic interference of foreign powers in Iran’s democratic growth. We look forward to the people of Iran actualizing the form of government they would like to see in their own country, on their own volition.


January 22, 2019