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On August 3, 2019 People of the United States of America witnessed another mass shooting in their home town when a person with far right tendencies attacked a mall in El Paso, Texas killing more than 20 innocent shoppers and injuring many more.  Only a few hours later, similar event happened 1,600 miles away in Dayton, Ohio where a number of people were gunned down.

The Union for Secular Republic and Human Rights in Iran condemns these heinous acts and sends its condolence to the people effected by them.  We are Iranians, but as citizens of this country we cannot be blind to our surroundings and we feel the pain.

Unfortunately gun violence has become all too common in the United States of America!  And it appears the power of the purse is more important than the lives of a human being!  We believe tough regulations and restriction should be imposed in gun sale control.

August 6, 2019