Union for Secular Republic and Human Rights in Iran (USRHR) is an independent political organization established in November of 2014 in New York, United States of America. This organization was formed through the unification of previously separate organizations. The central goal of our organization is to unite similar minded Iranians abroad and share the objective of seeking a transformation, via a nonviolent movement, the nation of Iran from the current despotic Islamic state to a state that respects human rights and the civil liberties of its citizens.

Recent political events and experience has proved that the Islamic Republic of Iran is unable to reform and that the whole system must be changed. The changed must happen by the Iranian people themselves and we oppose any foreign involvements in the future of Iran.

Therefore we demand peace and an end to perpetuated acts of violence and accept democratic electoral principles in Iran. As mentioned in the international covenant on civil and political rights, Iranian people have the right for self-determination and universal suffrage under democratic principles to vote in an environment free of fear of intimidation. This is a far-reaching process but the Union for Secular Republic & Human Rights in Iran believes wholeheartedly that we can achieve our goals.

Since its inception, the USRHR has been reaching out to like-minded groups to form a union of secular Iranians believing in peaceful and non-violent transformation of the Iranian society.

As stated in our Charter:

  • We believe in a non-violent transition from the current authoritarian and religious-based regime to a Secular Republic that is based on Human Rights. To achieve this, we support all forms of struggles by the People with adherence to civil order and conforming to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
  • We believe the Constitution of the Islamic Republic is undemocratic, discriminatory and contradicts the UDHR. By accepting the rights of the Nation to choose its future form of government, we demand drafting a Constitution that is based on the principles of the UDHR and its preamble.
  • We demand an end to any and all forms of discriminations in Iran, be it based on religion, belief, ideology, gender or ethnicity. We support the Equal Rights of every individual under the Law.
  • We believe in secularism, which is the separation of religious institutions from state institutions responsible for administering and running the state affairs and functions.
  • We believe in freedom of religion yet oppose any interference by the government in people’s religious affairs.
  • We are for implementation of all forms of freedom for Iranians. This includes but not limited freedom of thought, opinion and expression, freedom of assembly and peaceful protest, freedom for citizens to form political parties, trade unions, professional and non-governmental organizations, and freedom of the Press. We are against mandatory dress code. We demand abolishing capital punishment.
  • We demand free and transparent elections based on the democratic principles of international law.