1. Name – Union for Secular Republic and Human Rights in Iran (USRHR).
  1. Membership – All Iranians can become a member by accepting its Charter, the Article of Association and payment of membership dues.
  1. Right of Members – All members have the right to vote or run for any positions in USRHR organs.
  1. Organization Structure
    1. Congress – this is the highest organ of this organization attended by local and virtual chapters.  It has power to:
      1. Change the name of the organization.
      2. Change the Charter
      3. General policies of the organization
      4. Electing the Political-Executive members
    1. High Council – Is the highest body in lieu of the Congress. Its roles are:
      1. To review and approve general policies of the organization
      2. Review the activities of the Political-Executive Committee
      3. To remove or replace any members of Political-Executive Committee
    1. Political-Executive Committee – Comprised of 7 members and 2 alternatives for one year.  It’s responsible for day-to-day activities of the organizations by establishing the following committees.
      1. Organization-Finance Committee
      2. Media and Public Relations Committee
      3. Activities Committee
      4. Women and Anti-Discrimination Committee
      5. International Relations Committee
      6. Cooperation and Coordination Committee
      7. Political Committee

This document was drafted and ratified in the 2019 Congress in Washington DC