Iranians Have lost a friend!

In Memory Of Desmond Tutu

Iranian People have lost another true friend.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu passed away on December 25, 2021.  He was a true champion for justice and peace and we are saddened by his death.

In a letter he sent to us in 2015 he said: “Many Political regimes props themselves up with rigid laws, attempting to tighten control their citizen.....The purpose of Government is to serve the best interest of the people governed in a partnership where justice and freedom of the expression ensure peace and stability.  People know what is good for them.  They will respect leaders who respect them and will carry such leader on their shoulders to the ends of the earth."

The Union for Secular Republic and Human rights in Iran sends its condolence to the people of South Africa and all those who are fighting for a better future in the world.

December 26, 2021

The Union for Secular Republic & Human Rights in Iran

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